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"Step-by-Step Blueprint Automates Your Expertise Into a 6 or 7+ Figure Online Business Without Figuring Things Out On Your Own..."

4 step business plan to help you build a business selling your courses, services and expertise.


"Step-by-Step Blueprint Transforms Your Expertise Into a 6 or 7+ Figure Online Business Without Figuring Things Out On Your Own..."

8 step business plan to help you build a business selling your courses, services and expertise.


Used By Students Around The World


Top 3 Reasons This Blueprint Will Help You Go From Overwhelmed To Laser-Focused...

1. Know Where To Start

If you're new to online business building, it can be extremely overwhelming to know where to begin.  Get ready for total clarity on what to focus on now, and what steps you need to take tomorrow (it's easy when you have steps to follow).

2. Get a Proven Business Plan

Most small business owners and solopreneurs have no clue how to properly monetize their expertise online.  In just a few short minutes you'll discover a proven business plan responsible for hundreds of successful online brands.  Just add your expertise, the plan will take care of the rest!

3. Save Time & Money

If you've been stuck and struggling as you try to sell your services and courses online, then these 8 steps will be just what you're looking for.  Never again feel frustrated that your hard work doesn't pay off, or that you're stuck in a 'one step forward, two steps back' cycle.

After 10 years in business, thousands of students, and over $2 million in revenue, I can confidently say — a business plan gave me the impact, income and freedom I dreamed of.

You're one step away from sharing your vision to the world!


Founder of The Visionary Planner®

In case you don’t know me, my name’s Mike L. Murphy and I founded The Visionary Planner®.
Back in 2011, I was working in Hollywood (on movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Ironman). 

I had a life-altering moment when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’: I realized the richest people in the world were creating their own IP (intellectual property). 

They weren’t getting paid peanuts to create things others made millions off of (like I was). When they developed their own IP just once, they could get paid for it forever...
In case you’re curious, here’s some people and projects I was involved with:
That led me on a decade-long journey to create my own IP and live life on my terms….

For several years, I traveled the world mentoring animation students as an expert in my niche…

Despite studying under some of the top marketers in the online space, I could never find a step-by-step, start-to-finish business plan that showed me HOW to build a stable business online... so I could earn from anywhere.

I wanted to package my expertise into an online business that freed my time while amplifying my impact. 

The problem was all the ‘gurus’ gave me pieces of the puzzle and motivational speeches, but I needed a plan—not a piece of one nor a performance. 

Fed up, I decided to solve this problem myself... 
I spent several years studying every business course I could get my hands on…and created flowcharts that stretched across rooms. While their sheer size commanded attention, the content on those charts caught the eyes of other entrepreneurs…

People began asking me to take them through the system I mapped out, so in 2016 VP became my IP (and my vision to create something came full circle).
Right out of the gates, 7 entrepreneurs paid me $24,000 to help get them earning online; VP took off almost instantly.  
That’s me showing my earliest Visionary Planner plans to marketing legend Jeff Walker back in 2014.
Through following a proven online business plan, I’ve now helped thousands of students around the world improve their lives, as well as my own.

Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Business (instead of it taking control of you?)

Andrew Tripled His Revenue In Just a Few Months...

Andrew was running circles in his mind trying to figure out how to start selling online. He dreamed of reaching new people, serving a larger audience and earning more money, but he didn’t know how to turn his dreams into reality.

He leveraged our 8-step system to package his expertise into his very own Extraordinary Process (more on that later) and online business. Now he’s flying like an arrow toward his dreams...   
“My extraordinary process let me scale my business instead of just being the operator. Now my staff is able to use that same process to get predictable results for all [of our] clients.

We've actually taken the same process and plugged it into our brick-and-mortar business. So it's not just online...we teach it to our entire team. Now that we've got [our online business] built, life is a lot better. 

Andrew’s a well-respected authority in his niche, has impacted thousands of lives, and has a team to help him grow and scale offline and online. Better yet, he’s a Visionary who had the ambition to turn his vision into reality by working with us.

Glenda got a 40x ROI After Working With Us...

Glenda wanted to spend more quality time with her daughter, instead of feeling like she had to invest every spare moment working in her business.  

She didn’t want to be limited by geography ... crippled by commercial rent … and stuck navigating complicated business procedures. Before VP, she’d tried to get online on her own. She wasn’t happy with the results.
“It was super frustrating. There was a lot of piecemealing and the tech was complicated. I just didn't have the bandwidth, so I kind of gave up on [building an online business].

Then she went through The Visionary Planner®…

“If I hadn't done VP, I could never be doing what I'm doing now. I'm leading a team … building out a community … and building out a brand. Every week, I'm like, thanks VP.”

Glenda’s also seen a massive return on her investment:

“I’ve seen [at least] 25 times our return on investment. More than that. Probably 30 to 40… We measure it in numbers. We measure it in client connection and satisfaction. We measure it in the extra bandwidth I’m afforded. My time, my money, my relationships, [it’s] huge. 

There's just so much flexibility and no headaches from overhead anymore.”

Rex & Jonathon Launched to $7500 For Their High Ticket, And Another $6k Recurring In 2 Months...

Jonathan and Rex’s gym shut down during the pandemic. They knew they needed to get online, but they feared they’d become nothing more than a commodity or copycats.

In just 6 months, they extracted their expertise into an online system that gets their clients repeatable results and produces the same life-changing transformations they were previously known for offline:
“The biggest aha moment for me was when we were able to hone in on our Extraordinary Process, our messaging, and our marketing. 

Just 2 months in, we recouped our investment into VP and made some profit on our first offer. Since then we've made it 5 times over.

If you're trying to build a brand, then VP is the most logical approach because it breaks everything down that you need to know; how to do the sales, how to do the branding, how to do the ads—it introduced us to everything. 

It’s virtually impossible to do it on your own without a system and coaching. VP got us in the game. It got cash flowing. It covered our first offer. We were making money, instead of wondering what to do.”

“Not only does VP show you what to do, it gives you that reassurance to go faster on your own. Maybe you could figure it out, but it's going to be a much slower process than if you get the strategy, reassurance, community, and everything else VP offers.” 
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