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Everything You Want From Your Business Is On The Other Side of That Blank Screen.

Here’s How To Fill It…

We know, you have tons of great information to give your dream clients about how and why you can help them…

>> But where do you start? <<

>> How do you know what resonates? <<

>> What if you “lose money” launching all the wrong ads and sales pages? <<

For most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed entrepreneurs, the confusion and doubt are where the road ends. So we decided we’d make launching your content and funnels easy for you.


Proven templates and strategies. 

The same templates and strategies we’ve personally used to “strike gold” in our online business to the “cha-ching” of $100k months and beyond…
In fact, every day, our clients deploy these templates and strategies in industries like health and fitness, personal development, coaching, course creation, medical, financial, even interior design, and more.

What’s more, we’ve made creating your sales funnels and content so easy you might be wondering, “Hey, is this cheating?”

And our answer for you would be, “Nope! Quit trying to reinvent the wheel!”

How’s that for an answer?
So instead of getting stuck, imagine…
  • Knowing exactly what to write in your ads, sales pages, video scripts, opt-ins, and content so your perfect customer or client thinks you’re practically psychic
  • Getting spoonfed the perfect strategy for your launches and scaling instead of spending your nights and weekends chained to your computer, funnel-hacking your competitors for answers
  • T​aking hours of your life back from “analysis paralysis” and sharing your message with confidence
  • Sounds good, doesn’t it?
If it does, then you’re going to love– no, worship– our Template Toolkit (okay, maybe we’re being a little dramatic)…

But really, the Template Toolkit is designed to help you stop overthinking your marketing and content and start launching and scaling. And not only that…

The Template Toolkit is like having a team of marketers, copywriters, and content experts by your side… Without the massive price tag.

Yes, it really can be this easy to get your offer out into the world. And no, there’s no steep learning curve to use these templates. If you can follow instructions and copy and paste, you’re good as gold.

What You'll Get:

24/7 Access to the Toolkit

so you can access these powerful templates any time

Tutorial Videos

(so you know why each template is so effective), template overviews (so you understand the structure and can tweak as needed), and our growing library of fill-in-the-blank templates (so you can plug in your messaging and rapidly create core assets and content)

Lifetime Access

to all future templates, upgrades and bonus trainings.  It's an all-inclusive way to expand your brand today!

And, of course, you get access to our entire Template Library… Not just a few generic templates you can find anywhere.

What templates, you might ask? 

Templates like these…


Step 1 in your funnels is to create a 'front door'.  These templates let you grow your list and convert them to cash.

  • Easy Grow Lead Magnet - Discover a proven formula to create irresistible Lead Magnets that share your message, grow your list and sell your offers. The ultimate cure if you’ve got no clue what to write!
  • Quick-Convert Lead Magnet Signup-Page - The biggest barrier to exponential online growth is your list. This simple page formula lets you maximize visitors and see your email list explode!
  • Easy-Profit Lead Magnet Emails - What do you do with your new signups? Simple! You nurture them with these proven emails. Share your story and lead your prospects towards purchasing your irresistible offers.

($350.00 Value)

  • Irresistible Offer Page Launch Kit - After you get a new signup, you have their undivided attention! This Launch Kit will give you a proven ‘Hollywood Sales Script’ to convert your new subscriber into new buyers.
  • Low Priced Offer Sales Page - This fill-in-the-blanks sales page template will help you craft an elegant ‘One Time Offer’ Sales Page that separates tire kickers from buyers. Ka-ching!
  • Constant-Convert Checkout Page - Never again wonder what to write on your Checkout Page. This template tells you exactly what to write and how to write it so you convert page visitors to buyers on auto-pilot. Even includes an ‘order bump’ script to really see your profits soar.
  • Ultimate Upsell Page Template - Got a new ‘one time offer’ buyer? Now it’s time persuade them to purchase a higher priced offer so you can recuperate your ad spend, and increase the average order value of your sales funnel.


Step 2 of your funnel is to offer up a higher ticket 'backend' offer.  

  • Craft & Convert Sales Page Formula - If you’re ready to swing for the fences, you’ll want to offer up a mid-price or higher ticket offer. This Sales Page Formula will help you sell high-converting offers like a pro.   
  • 10 Step Sales Video Script - Clueless what to say in your video sales letters? Never fear! This 10 step script makes it stupid simple to hit all the necessary sales and psychology beats. This alone is worth the price of the Toolkit!
  • Sales Call Process Overview - Ready to sell High Ticket Offers? This brain-dead simple sales process will have you confidently providing value to leads, and practically gets them begging you to buy.

($350.00 Value)


Step 3 of your funnel is to deliver an amazing customer experience.

  • Buyer Confirmation Page - Super! You got a new buyer. Now what? Once you tap into this template you’ll rest assured you’re creating the best customer experience.  
  • Friend to Fan: New Buyer Welcome Emails - Not sure how to onboard your new buyer? Just fill-in-the-blanks as you properly set expectations and issue clear ‘action steps’ for them to access their new purchase.
  • Buyer Portal Start Here Page - Too many courses create a confusing mess of lessons and action steps. You’ll use this page and video template to make sure your Start Here page makes it very easy for your new buyer to jump into your offer, and start getting results.

($350.00 Value)

  • Profit Maximizer Upsell Emails - Did your new buyer skip over your upsells? No prob! These emails will create urgency and scarcity so they feel anxious passing you up on your amazing deals. If you’re ready to skyrocket your revenue, these will do the trick.
  • SMS Follow Up Sales Sequence - Hands down the best way to get your new buyer’s attention (and upsell the) is to show up on their phone. These SMS templates will let you make sure your high-ticket ‘backend’ offers aren’t overlooked.


Step 4 of your funnel (once Steps 1-3 are complete) is to run ads and share your message.

  • Ad Formulas - Ads freak you out? Never sure what to write? After you discover these proven ad formulas you’ll feel like a copywriting god.  
  • Ultimate Ad Structure - This handy little ad template lets you bust out high-converting ads in just a few minutes. These are the exact templates we use to bring in tens of thousands in sales month after month.
  • Educate & Inspire Video Script - Sometimes the best ads don’t sell a thing…Instead they educate and inspire your Audience on particular topics. These let you grow an audience, share your message and build authority.

($350.00 Value)

  • Sales Made Easy Video Script - Video ads, when done right, can convert like hot cakes! Never again wonder what to say, or how to drive ideal prospects over to your sales pages.


Step 5 is to nurture all your new leads that didn't (yet) buy.

  • List Growth Blueprint - We know, email marketing can be a horrific experience if you don't know what you're doing. This blueprint makes it easy to see 'what's working now' so you can quickly adapt.
  • Instant-Engagement Email Templates - Your List must stay warm to generate consistent sales. Learn how to craft emails that people actually want to open and click.
  • Response Maximizer Survey Template - Not sure what content to create in order to keep your List engaged? Simple send this survey.

($350.00 Value)

  • Profitable Product Launch Email Templates - Exploring a new offer? Here's a proven process to proactively build excitement so your list is anxious to buy.
  • Seat to Sales Webinar Email Template - Send webinar registrants these emails and see the sales start rolling in.
  • Cart Abandon Email Templates - Over 90% of your cart page visitors never buy. This email sequence stops the leakage in your funnel and sees your profits multiply.
  • 4 Day Flash Sale - This quirky 5 email sequence helps us get 7% of our list to buy our 'Sampler Offers' on autopilot. It'll work for you too.

BONUS: Blueprint Brainstorm Call

So you can get coaching from a 7 Figure Coach today and get total clarity on the 3 essential elements your business needs to thrive in the crowded online space.

($199.00 Value)

That’s a Total Value of $1,949.00...

And it would be worth every penny if we were going to charge that much for it.

But guess what? You won’t pay anything close to that.

In fact, you’ll pay about 500x less than that.

Why? Because things are changing, the online market is moving fast, and you need to move fast to keep up with it.

So we want to make it a total no-brainer for you to grab the Template Toolkit today – because you can’t keep putting off your dreams. It’s that simple.

And if you don’t absolutely love using these proven templates and strategies to accelerate your online business…

You’re Protected By Our 
90-Day 100% Money-Back Promise

Seriously! Try it out. 

Use all the templates you want, launch your funnels and content, and then decide if you want to keep your access to the Template Toolkit. 

That’s how confident we are that you’ll get results with these tried-and-true templates, strategies, and awesome bonuses.

And in the very unlikely event you don’t find the templates totally time-saving and helpful, send us an email at and we’ll give you a full refund.

Because listen, if you don’t feel this toolkit to be hands-down the quickest and easiest way to build your brand, then we don’t deserve your money! 

Ready to Build Your Brand Faster Than You Can Say “Freedom”?

Good. Because right now can get access to the Template Toolkit for just… 

REGULAR: $399 

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