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Funding is available.  Start for as low as $350 a month with no money down.

Helping Hundreds Of Small Business Owners Build 'Blockbuster Brands' Since 2016

"Step-by-step System Builds & Launches Your Branding, Messaging & Content..."

Create Everything you need in as little as 90 days To become your own boss & Get Paid To do what you love.



See how our A-to-Z system has helped hundreds of businesses clarify their message and increase their revenue.

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"It is so well thought out...you're going to have a brand built out that not only changes lives, but actually helps you monetize things and get your message out into the world."

- Baji, Life Coach

"I have never seen a system built out so much like this that it is so detailed and so personalized..."

-Kat, Fitness Coach

"Visionary Planner pays great attention to the details... When I have questions they answer those questions. They know their stuff.

- Doug, Business Coach








  • You have an online presence and need more customers and clients
  • You feel embarrassed by your current branding and know you're losing revenue
  • You need help clarifying your message so you can stand out
  • You're not sure of what niche or audience to serve
  • You want a trusted agency to re-imagine your brand, or help you create a new one from scratch


Our Step-by-Step System condenses 10 years of trial and error into as little as 90 days. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

That’s what stick rubbing, fire making cavemen would have thought if they were introduced to a lighter…

Or what people, just 30 years ago, would have thought if you told them they can talk to Facetime anyone in the world instantly instead of traveling for days.

We can keep going with examples but we’re sure you get the point by now… 

YOU’RE the caveman in your business whether you’d like to admit it or not… 

And our System is the time machine that is here to save you and your business by removing all of the trial & error, wasted money, endless hustling, revamping & fine tuning of your message and brand. 

Hit Your Monthly Client and Revenue Goals As Quickly As Possible

In order to get clients, you need 2 important things...

1) A Compelling Story
2) A Compelling Character

The reason Hollywood is a billion dollar industry is all thanks to stories centered around compelling characters.  Stories capture the hearts and minds of their audience. 

A great brand does the same thing.  

If you can't communicate what you do, who you do it for and why your audience should pay attention to you...

And if you don't position yourself as a compelling character who can help your audience overcome obstacles, then they simply won't pay attention.

The Visionary Planner helps you clarify your message.  

It features Hollywood storytelling techniques from a person who has sold major story concepts to studios,  It will help you develop yourself into a compelling character based off the same principles our founder used to bring iconic characters like Ironman, Mickey Mouse, Gollum and Shrek to life.

Your audience is waiting for you.  Ready to step on stage?

WE've built hundreds of brands

We'll build you a brand foundation so you can increase revenue in your business.  

Below is a sampling of the hundreds of clients we've been helping since 2016:


Read What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...


Andrew Tripled His Revenue In Just a Few Months

Glenda got a 40x ROI After Working With Us

Rex & Jonathon Launched to $7500 For Their High Ticket, And Another $6k Recurring In 2 Months

Kelly got out of the  ‘one step forward, two steps back’ cycle

Eunicia saved 100s of hours of trial and error

Femi has been doubling his revenue month after month

Kim is now working with high level 'dream' clients

Yani and Lara got a "step-by-step business makeover"

Laura made $10k immediately upon launching her new brand

"I'm getting contracts and starting to see that return on my investment" - Megan

“I made my first $5,000 pretty quickly” - Robin

“I exceeded my corporate salary in six months" - Clay

"We have seen 50%+ year-over-year increases every year." - Greg & Kelly

"It’s a beautiful program I highly recommend.” - Erin

"It's worth the money to me because of the education that I've gotten." - Adrienne

"I can’t really put a price tag on [what I’ve learned].” - Kiki

"We're generating clients and cash." - The Colemans

“10 stars on a 5-star scale” - Tamra

Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." These clients worked very hard following our system and worked closely with our coaches. We have had clients join our program, not follow our system and not have results. We unfortunately can't control human nature. The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.

Who Created The Visionary Planner®?

Our Founder is Mike L. Murphy. He designed animation and visual effects in Hollywood on such blockbusters as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Fast & Furious and Ironman.  

He started mentoring filmmakers online back in 2011, and was overwhelmed with building everything a 'Blockbuster Brand' needs in order to survive.  
This led him to launching The Visionary Planner® back in 2016 to help other business owners and Visionaries build strong personal brands and make a difference.

Mike’s background is in project management and storytelling, so you can rest assured you’ll have step-by-step instructions to build your brand, and that your message will resonate with your market.
In 2021 Mike was listed on Forbes as a top coach:
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Blockbuster Brand Workshop

Building your brand is complex, so to make it easy, you'll get access to an online 'Blockbuster Brand' workshop.  You will plan and get feedback on 4 key parts of messaging you must clarify.

You'll get breakout sessions, feedback and masterminding to help you blast through the core concepts of the Planner as fast as possible. Then afterwards you'll get a Personalized Plan that lets you know the exact Projects to focus on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m just starting out, will this work for me?

Yes! If you’re thinking of starting your own business, are already in business but not quite where you want to be or you’re an established business who wants to rebrand, then this is for you.

We helped hundreds of clients, including fit pros, influencers, authors, speakers, coaches...all the way up to 8 figure businesses that want to clarify their message and impact more lives.

Q: I really need to get clients and bring in cash, will this help me?

The Planner will help you clearly communicate what you do so you attract clients that resonate with you.  

Our most dedicated members are able to launch and start seeing an increase in sales once they premiere their blockbuster brand.

Q: How long does it take to make money?

The only way to make money is to have clear messaging so your audience knows how you serve them. The Planner helps create all your foundational assets, but in no way guarantees any financial results.  Our goal is that you build a base so you are ready to attract clients (and and be confident once they seek you out).

That said, our most dedicated members are able to premiere their brands and increasing deal flow in as little as 90 days.  

Q: Are you going to help me run ads and get leads?

We will help you build a foundation that sets you up to get leads and invest into marketing tactics (ads, challenges, promotions, content, etc). Those things only work after you have a foundation built upon clear messaging. 

Lots of coaching companies will promise you leads, but those leads won’t convert without you first knowing your message, sales funnel and offer are resonating with your intended audience.  

Q: I don’t want to deal with tech or graphics, do you build it for me?

We'll provide Project Blueprints which include fill-in-the-blank templates (emails, website text, funnel pages and cart checkout pages), video scripts (slide decks and on camera videos) and content (webinar, educational videos, ads and lead magnets).   Then the Instruction Manuals will show you step-by-step how to build it all.

However, if tech, copywriting and graphics aren't the best use of your time, you can upgrade to have our team do it for you.  Ask us for more info when you schedule a quick demo call.

Q: What kind of offers does this work for?

Any type!  You need clear messaging if you ever intend to get people excited to learn more about whatever you're offering.  It works all the way from courses, retreats, high ticket offers, merchandise, services, apps....the list is endless.

Q: How is The Planner different than other branding programs?

Great question! Most programs want to focus on the end result…getting clients! 

So they gloss over having you develop a strong message.  Using our step-by-step Blueprints and Instruction Manuals, you have to figure it all out yourself. Then your time with them runs out before you ever get to start attracting clients. The Planner sets you up for success so you can enjoy the process (and not be trapped in your business) once you start getting clients.

Also, our Founder Mike brings his Hollywood expertise of Storytelling and Project Management to make building your brand as streamlined as can be.

Q: I have a limited budget, is this going to cost me an arm and a leg?

I'm sure you can agree that your dreams are worth at least $2.63 a day!  

We know how hard it is to start up an online business, or improve the one you've got.  That's why we've made our system, that clients have paid over $24,000 for, cost just a few dollars a day.  Our goal is to impact as many entrepreneurs as we can, and in order to do that we needed to make our monthly coaching as accessible as can be.

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